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About Us

Improve your SEO with Auto Blog SEO

“Auto Blog SEO has many years of experience in business as board members and in the area of the practical implementation of SEO to achieve business results“

Auto Blog SEO the best in the business

You want to know about us well we will tell you about us. Well Auto Blog SEO is a new company but its partners have many years of practical business and SEO experience between them.\

Kim Alsbaek has 17 years of online Internet consultant specialist experience from many top-sites (Internet, Extranet & Intranet) including analysis, design, content, navigation, IA, Project Management, internal motivation, resource management, etc.

Bas Kasteel has been a blue-chip company director with over 20 years of staff and line management experience with Unilever and Toyota. Developed the pan European After-sales strategy and supervised its rapid implementation. As president of Toyota Denmark increased market share from 9 to 12% in two years whilst simultaneously more than halving marketing spend through the adoption of the online techniques described on this website using the services of Kim Alsbaek.

After successful implementation at Toyota and seeing the huge potential of this for many different businesses both partners decided to form SEO-optimizers and implement the building blocks in other companies.

The Internet is changing the way we all do business.

  • 97% of people research online before buying.
  • 92% of customers contact a business immediately after searching.
  • 80% of organic traffic goes to the top3 results.

This means people are coming to contact with companies products way before they ever go to the shop. Google has coined this the Zero Moment Of Truth ZMOT after Proctor & Gamble who coined the first shop contact the First Moment Of Truth FMOT. Companies must, therefore, interact with the customer online before they come into contact with their traditional sales force. The rise of internet companies targeting these customers and enticing them away from the traditional players is testimony to the fact that many companies do not take this seriously enough. They risk losing the primary contact with the customer, their margin or worse. SEO-optimizers have well-developed strategies that can help you get your fair share back from these kinds of SEO companies who do not add any value to the chain other than providing the customer a landing page and a link when they search for certain keywords.

Through our past contact, we have established a network throughout Europe of people we have done business with and supported implementation of our ideas. SEO and the internet are moving at a very fast pace and you need experts in a particular field if you are facing a particular difficulty. This is why we chose this cloud management structure. We can use the best people in their field to attack a particular problem. This gives us much more flexibility and avoids spending money without getting a solution. We regularly have network meetings where the parties discuss what new things have been happening and we can all learn. Sometimes Auto Blog SEO gets asked to contribute to other projects in Europe by these partners such as the implementation of SEO power pages at several locations in Europe.

Well, that’s enough about us. If you want to know more about us more simply contact us.