Link Building

Building links to improve navigation and increase SEO ranking

“Building links will drive traffic and create status and authority for your site. Chose quality over quantity as one good link can be worth a thousand poor ones”

Building links for performance

Building links is the process of making the connections between the different pages on your website which allows the customers to find what they are looking for. It is in this sense an addition to the normal navigation menu structure of a website. For the customer, it can be very convenient to have a pointer to a relevant topic just at the point where he/she is expecting it. Building links also provides Google an indication of how the website joins together. It is rather like making a map of the underground. You indicate which stations are joined together on an underground route.

The link structure of the web serves to bind together all of the pages that can be found. Search engine’s automated robots, called “crawlers,” or “spiders” can reach the many billions of interconnected documents. Once the pages are found the code is split into small pieces from each page and stored on massive hard drives all over the world. Each piece is then indexed (like a book) so that they can be quickly found. These monstrous storage facilities have thousands of computers processing unimaginably large quantities of information. After all, when a person performs a search they demand results instantaneously.

Links are not just referrals in a webpage. On the left you can see some other examples of links. The World Wide Web (www) is like a network of stops in a big city subway system. Each stop is its own unique document . (usually a web page, but sometimes a PDF, JPG or other file). A typical search engine query can be compared to fin


ding the stop closest to the London zoo. When a person searches for London zoo, it requires the search engines to do two things:

– first, return only those results that are relevant or useful to the searcher’s query
– second, rank those results in order of perceived value (or importance).
So the query must return a prioritized list of pages that are both “relevant” and “important”.

Google and the customer then can easily navigate along the lines to find any station they want. You also can use this to indicate which are the important pages on the website. Pages that have many building links pointed to it must be important. Google takes this into account when it evaluates the importance of a webpage.

You can create an SEO Power Page structure by doing this in the right way. SEO-optimizers have a lot of experience with how to do this so that your important pages targeting the most important keywords become the most important pages also in the search engine’s eyes. These pages are those pages with keywords that matter the most. Usually, this means keywords to have a high monthly search volume but it can also be pages with keywords targeting pages on your website from which the company can generate a large profit. The latter can, for instance, be product pages of high-value items having a high margin. Usually, these pages also have the focus of those trying to improve the conversion so that generating increased traffic immediately also leads to more sales and this generates more profit. SEO-optimizers can help to build links to drive your SEO ranking results.


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