Content manager’s coordination of content and SEO

By | November 7, 2019

“Become a great content manager and be on top of getting great content to your site presented in an effective manner with high conversion“

The marketing strategy of any company should determine the content strategy. A content manager should be aware of the context he is working in. Because this is key for how he fulfills his tasks. A content manager works in a context where a lot of different stakeholders are influencing him in his decision of how, when and what content is shown for the visitors on a website. The goals of a content manager vary by the strategy an organization has chosen and by the structure of that company. The content manager should be aware of the brand and context of the brand, the e-commerce goals, the CRM goals to attract and keep the customer, the goal to make a site as easy as possible to read and to structure all the data on a site in an efficient and effective way. It is clear that different organizations use content in a different way.

An e-commerce website has other content for other purposes than an educational institution. They all use content management but in a very different way. The process and tasks of a content manager, therefore, has many different forms. Also, the process of how to create, control and show the specific content is very specific. Let’s give an example of how it goes in an organization. A marketer comes up with a great idea and this idea has been worked out by one or more authors. When time passes by that specific piece of content may be edited by the content manager. For example, the price changes or a different picture has been added. The content manager is responsible for this process and must approve it. Publishing content can be done in many different forms. Content management is a process with many different tasks and sometimes with different roles for example described in a specific workflow.

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