Develop an effective content strategy

By | November 6, 2019

“Before writing content have your content strategy ready so that the content will target the users you are looking for and also appeal to them”

Content strategy has been defined as: “the way to practice the planning the content creation, the delivery, and control of that content”. It should be a system of different processes that defines the process of creating, publishing and controlling content. The content strategy is the context in which the content should be created and controlled. Also, the workflow for this process is very important. Who has which role and can determine what to do with that content is a key element. Many organizations and individuals don’t know the difference between content strategists and editors. It goes beyond the written word. For example, a content strategist also needs to consider how content might be re-distributed and/or re-purposed in other digital channels. This should be the context for any content strategy. Content strategists should also be aware that in all situations content should be readable and understandable, findable, actionable and shareable.

The purpose of content strategy has also been described as achieving business goals by maximizing the impact of content. These business goals often are the sales levels that can be achieved but these can be broken down into conversion and traffic to a certain page on the website. These goals are much easier to make a content strategy for as each one can be easily analyzed and experimented with. This is one of the big benefits of the internet in that the content strategy can be quickly modified if it turns out that a particular activity is not performing as it was planned. The internet gives almost instant feedback about how a particular change is functioning. This is very different to for instance TV where it takes weeks to analyze the result of a particular campaign or a radio campaign or a billboard campaign. You can use this speed to be more interactive in your strategy and change what you do base on the results of the previous step.

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