Ensure smooth keyword integration in smooth content writing

By | November 4, 2019

“Integrate your keywords well into the content writing you do. Don’t leave this until afterward by starting from corporate thinking. The story needs to be around the keyword you are targetting“

Content writing A website is dependent on the value of its media production and publishing. The phrase content is king is not without a reason. The information and experiences made up by marketers have to transferred to the visitors in such a way that value is created for that visitor. Content can be made in a lot of forms and will be shown by a lot of different media. Typical media are the internet, television, and audio CDs, as well as live events such as theater, opera, and other stage performances. The word content is used to identify and quantify all kinds of different forms of information or data. Content writing is the process of creating this content. It should always be done looking through the eyes of the customer and not through the eyes of the department within a company.

This inside out approach is one SEO-optimizers has seen a lot of and always leads to a non-optimal solution. When looking through the customer’s eyes the content writing can best be explained as writing down what the customer is expecting to see. This means that through content writing of a page it should closely reflect the keyword for that page. The customer, after all, has landed on the page because they have searched on that particular keyword and now they expect to read something about it. If you adhere to this principle then you will not get a high bounce rate and the customer will stay on the site because the site is satisfying their need. This, in turn, will convince the search engines that the page indeed reflects the keyword and increase the ranking that you will get for that particular keyword. This is also the reason why it can sometimes take a long time to go up the rankings as players that are established get the traffic and because they get the traffic they stay there. On the other hand, once you are at the tip it is easier to stay there because the traffic comes and all you need to do is keep them there.

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