Ensure you target the right keywords that maximize the opportunity

By | October 22, 2019

“Selecting the right keywords through a thorough keyword analysis to optimize your site for is the start of everything. Here you can follow the process of how to achieve this.”

Find the right keywords by thorough keyword analysis

A keyword analysis is a process of finding out which keywords a website should be optimized for. Factors that should be looked at with keyword analysis include search volume, conversion, and profitability. The larger the search volume the more the potential is to attract customers, but also the more likely it is that there is competition for that keyword. One important factor is also the conversion. This is the percentage of people that once landed on the site convert to buying a product (or downloading a brochure / looking at a video). This obviously plays a role as with an efficient site you need less effort to get the same number of people to take the action you want. It means that the trade-off between costs of improving the site and the benefit through extra sales and profit moves your way and more can be done to improve the website. The same is true for profitability because if you have a product with a high profit then one sale will generate more and justify the expenditure on-site improvement. SEO-optimizers use many different tools to do keyword analysis and find the keywords potential customers are searching for. It usually starts with brainstorming with people that know about the product. These people crawl into the minds of the customers and think about what they would search for. This stage needs to be open thorough and without restrictions.

Many companies look at keyword analysis from the inside out starting with their own internal organization and products. This inevitably will lead to an incomplete view and not optimize the keywords. Once this initial list has been generated you can start to look at the search volumes and find alternative words which customers look for. Sometimes translating the words into other languages can generate new keyword ideas. Another good way to support keyword analysis is to look at competitor sites and find out what keywords they are using. These competitors should not be restricted to the traditional competitors but rather all companies that are targeting the potential customers online. These days there are many internet companies which have a goal to attract through good SEO customers and redirect them to another site for a fee. Traditional companies often do not see them as competitors and as a result, pay the consequences. They often take a significant chunk of the online traffic and reduce the margin the traditional companies can charge. They also erode the branding and take away the direct contact the traditional companies have with the customers. This can lead to a loss of customer interaction and as a result reduced levels of innovation and customer care. Some traditional companies are fighting back by creating sub-sites that are targeting customers who have been pulled away by these internet companies directly. This can, for instance, be in the form of a product comparison site within the branded traditional company site whose aim is to attract the traffic of internet companies providing product comparison to attract customers.

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