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By | October 22, 2019

“Here are a few SEO tips for those of you working to optimize your website. The SEO power page structure is one that SEO-optimizers has pioneered. We can support your implementation of this on your website”

Get ahead by using these SEO tips
Looking for SEO tips. Well here are some ones that are sometimes overlooked.

SEO tips 1 Sort out your technical HTML and CSS quality so that there are no errors in it. Despite not being able to see it as a user there are often technical mistakes on websites which irritate the search engine crawlers and lead to lower page ranking.

SEO tips 2 Always include a page title of around 65 letters. This is the display that Google shows in its results page and so can help customers click on your site by having an attractive enticing text linked to the keyword for that page.

SEO tips 3 Add a meta description around 157 letters. The meta tag is like your sales story. Again Google shows this on its results page. Having this text too small will lead Google to make up its own. You want to use the available space and convey the sales message you want.

SEO tips 4 The body text should contain more than 300 words and have a keyword density of 2-4%. Using less words will mean Google will not assume this is a real content page. In addition the duplicate text of the navigation will become more dominant. The keyword usage will make Google believe this is a page about the keyword topic. Using the keyword too much will make Google think it is dealing with a spam page.

SEO-tips 5 Get your structure right by grouping properly your keywords and allocating the right SEO Power Page structure to each.
SEO Power page concept is one that has been pioneered by SEO-optimizers. The concept is rather simple. You create a structure with a parent and child format. There are many childs to any one parent. The parent is the most important page and the one targetting a keyword with the largest searchvolume. You now allow the juice of the child pages to be given to the parent page. This means that the search engines will now see the parent page with a lot of juice as the child juice has been given to it. This means that it will receive a higher ranking than it would otherwise do. This will attract a larger traffic flow which in turn will increase cranking. It is a virtuous circle. The child pages are targetting keywords with less search volume and generally this means there is less competition. These long tail keywords will therefore not lose so much traffic as a result of giving their juice to the parent page. It is therefor a concept which gains overall. Below you can see how this works in concept. If you want to know more then do not hesitate to call us.

SEO tips 6 Do a good keyword analysis so that you start having the bright keywords on the site

SEO tips 7 make a comprehensive internal link building and also include external links

SEO tips 8 make use of the nofollow rel attribute where needed

SEO tips 9 Use social media to add authority and status to your site with good quality links.

SEO tips 10 Chose your URL name carefully. Here are some tips to help you along.

SEO tips 11 The anchor text and build up of the links on your site also have to be chosen carefully as described in the diagram below.

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