How to optimize marketing opportunities in search engine marketing

By | November 1, 2019

“Confused about what SEO and SEM are and how to use them in search engine marketing. Learn their meaning and how you can use both to good avail on your website“

Using SEM and SEO in search engine marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) and Search engine optimization (SEO) are often used interchangeably even by experts in the business so let’s examine what the differences are. Search engine management incorporates SEO but is a wider discipline than that, as it includes paid search (Using tools like Google Adwords or Microsoft adCenter). For both search engine marketing and search engine optimization, keyword analysis is needed to determine what the keywords are on which potential customers are searching.

SEA = Search Engine Advertising = PPC (pay per click)

Google Adwords is synonymous with SEA because of its dominance
Flexibility: Adwords can be switched on/off instantly and are only visible to those with genuine interest
Price/effectiveness: Well compared to TV
Control: can set a daily maximum budget: costs are volume and hence income-related
Factual analysis: Adwords can be tested and evaluated eg geographical
Position in search results guaranteed but attract 10% of traffic
The CTR (Click through rate) and conversion is lower than for organic
SEA can be a good addition to SEO but not a substitute

In the case of AdWords, the keyword results are used to determine where the ad word budget should be spent. It is possible to make ROI calculations based on conversion rates and profit generated per product. For SEO the Adwords are used to improve the structure and content of the site so that it organically attracts more customers to the site. Search engine marketing and SEO both need to be monitored and updated frequently to reflect slowly evolving customer behaviour and also search engine optimization algorithms. The commercial advertising and marketing businesses have a vested interest to restrict SEM to mean the narrow definition of pay per click advertising. This specifically excludes the wider definition of the phrase which includes search engine optimization, search retargeting and social media marketing (SMM). Social media marketing uses social media to influence consumers in having a favourable impression about the companies products/services. SEO also has an impact on the costs of search engine marketing. Having a good ranking through SEO in the organic search engine results means that the costs per click also is reduced. It, therefore, pays to carry out search engine marketing and SEO together in an integrated approach. The landing pages for Adwords should be the same as the pages for these keywords in the regular SEO task of the site. This way a good ranking in SEO can help reduce ad word cost. Some companies make it a habit to change regularly the Adwords they promote. As customers do not change their surfing behaviour or habits very quickly it is hard to understand why this would be good. There is, in any case, a price to pay for changing Adwords. Consistent Adwords generally mean lower price per click and changing Adwords will increase the costs per click. Of course, moving money onto a certain ad word while there is a campaign on the product will make the sales and the marketing agency supporting this look good.

SEO = search engine optimization

It is a process that improves organic (unpaid) search results.
Requires a structural approach to optimize the website. Position in results is relative to competitors à no guarantee
Often used techniques are:
• Optimization of structure and technology of the website
• Linkbuilding to sites with relevant content
• Determining relevant keywords through research
• Adaptation of the website to the relevant keywords
It is recommended to maintain the position result in a search engine by continuing to spend time on optimization
Eventually, the site will attract customers to the site without costs and with a high conversion ratio
The effects of SEO are long term.

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