Integrate the digital possibilities into your marketing mix

By | October 28, 2019

“Expand your marketing mix concepts with all the online possibilities such as SEO and SEA“

Marketing mix possibilities

The marketing mix can be seen as the steering wheel for a business and is a tool used in marketing. The marketing mix is often described as a combination of what they call the four ‘P’s and forms the key elements of how a product is marketed. Price is the money a customer should pay for the product. The marketer should be aware of the price elasticity which will determine how many products the company will sell but also the margin which together determines the profit the company will make on the product.

Pricing can also be influenced by the pricing strategy which can be penetrating to gain market share etc. Product, This is the item that must satisfy the customer’s needs. It can be a physical thing or a service. Products are subject to a product life cycle and so the introduction of new products and development must be considered. Promotion, Is about how the information about the product should be communicated to the customers. This can be through traditional channels such as TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc but may also be internet online communication. Place, which is about providing a place where customers can get the product. It has to do with distribution methodologies such as exclusive distribution or franchising. When talking about service marketing the marketing mix has been extended to include people, processes and physical evidence (about the placement within the store). Recently the concept of the four ‘P’s has been replaced by the four ‘C’s to represent a more customer orientated approach. The four ‘P’s describe the world as seen through the manufacturer’s eyes. The four ‘C’s are consumer, cost, communication, and convenience replacing product, price, promotion, and place respectively. You can see how these words are much more how a customer would look at these items rather than the manufacturer although the result is the same marketing mix. Maybe its a bit pedantic but Auto Blog SEO certainly notice that for online many companies do not have a true approach that starts from their customer but rather one based on their own internal measures. For online success, this has to change and so this is also a good place to introduce customer orientated thinking.
Online is not just a gimmick that you can allow to run by itself in a department which does not really count in the importance steak. You should truly integrate the digital marketing mix into the overall marketing strategy. The best companies build an online brand rather than rely on any PPC or SEO in itself. This is the true key to online success.

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