“The global search competition has just begun. If you want to grow your business then you must be a leader in search within your business area. The winners will be those who own the right keywords. We help our customers to become a market leader through the right search approach – and thereby maximize their profits, minimize costs and increase their revenue.”

Almost everyone has been on the net and accessed a search engine. Actually, these have only existed since 1993 when Oscar Nierstrasz of the University of Geneva wrote a first very simple Perl script with search functionality. They arose from the need to make sense of the web which has expanded very fast. These days there are more pages than people on the planet.

The task of search engines is to provide a list of relevant pages to a query a customer send it and rank it according to the importance of the page. All this must be accomplished in a very short time. There have been many players but these days Google, Yahoo and Bing are the dominant players in the western world with Google taking the lions to share in Europe.

Search Facts:

In China, Baidu is prevalent and in Russia Spandex. Although these search engines have very different backgrounds and even business models they all more or less provide the same service as described above. Most of them make the bulk of their money from online advertising.


The algorithms which they use are also different which means that you need to adapt your SEO strategy to each local condition. Actually, they do not differ too much so basically what is good for one is also good for the other. The weighting of the different elements can, however, be different so that the prioritization of implementing the different possibilities can differ from search engine to search engine. In China, you need to work together with a Chinese company endorsed by the Chinese government. These companies understand the local rules so that you can be assured that your site complies with the Chinese standards. Spandex works in the same way as the other global search engines.

Google is the World Leader in Search:

As the search volumes grow it has become possible to draw social and behavioral conclusions from internet usage and the search engines are in pole position to take advantage of that in order to increase their revenue. There have been several ethical issues raised also such as the question if search engines should display queries to do with criminal activity or if AdWords for a brand name could be purchased by another company.

Search has increased in volume over the years. Globally in 2010, there were some 140 000 million searches every month compared to 57 000 million in 2007. This increase in volume means that it has become more and more interesting for companies to use search engines to generate traffic and make sales. Also, the search engines themselves are now in a position to generate revenue from their paid advertising proposals such as AdWords, etc.

Search is still in its infancy and certainly is not yet in a mature state. This means there are many companies that claim they work on SEO that actually are themselves discovering what is valid and what not. Many companies have spent a lot of money finding this out. So be sure that you make clear requirements about the performance expectations both on traffic generation and on conversion projects. Companies that will not give you figures and claim that “it depends on” probably are not companies that you want to do business with. The search, of course, will develop in many directions. Fundamentally though it is all rather simple. The search engines want to appear as the assistant of those making the search. This means providing accurate links that reflect what the customer is looking for. For us, at the other end of the search, this sounds very nice as we will be pampered and cared for by the search engines to deliver what we want. The search engines for sure must solve relatively difficult problems such as speech recognition and natural language and they are hard at work to achieve that. The mobile market is also exploding and this also will create some interesting issues for the search engines. How do you cram all that information you have on your browser onto a 7inch screen. What is worse for the search engines is how do you get 3-4 adverts onto the same screen. There is also an element of lockin with special operating systems as the iPad for example.


The first step is to ensure you are having the right keywords. To find out make sure you do a thorough keyword analysis. SEO optimizers can help you do that. We have the tools experience and interest to make this piece of work for you. Even if you would simply like to check if the keywords you have chosen are the right ones we would be more than willing to take a look. We have seen many companies that embarked on a website without looking at the keywords first. This especially can happen with large corporations who typically start from their product portfolio or even worse from their organizations. This way you end up having an imperfect structure which will prove more and more difficult to change once the system is up and running.

After this, you need to cluster the keywords into groups taking account of the importance of the keywords and also their natural grouping. You should limit the number of groups that you divide the keywords into as these groups will finally appear as choices for the customers in a menu on the screen. People can manage only a limited amount of data simultaneously and go above 6-9 may result in your customers being scared off the site because of overload.

Then the real work of adding content for the site starts. This content should be fresh and original and contain the many SEO elements that are described on the rest of this website. keep the attention of the readers by making the content interesting. The length should be a minimum of 300 words so that Google can clearly see what the page is about.

The next step is to add the links both internal and external. The internal links help the reader to find where the different material can be found and simplifies navigation. External links are also an aid for Google to determine what the site is about. You also can become a bookmark when you have a collection of good links on your site.


We help our Customers to BIG Savings and Increased Earnings

Do not underestimate the impact of good SEO. A site ranked number one will attract 42% of the organic traffic whereas a site ranked 10 will receive about 1% of traffic. You can see that increasing these 9 places actually increases the organic traffic over 40 times. Of course, there is also direct traffic and paid traffic to consider. In addition to this 40 fold increase, you can also increase the conversion with onsite activities but also because with carefully chosen keywords you will be attracting the real potential customers and not simply directing random people to your site. Doing the latter will increase traffic but not sales because the wrong people will simply not buy. What is worse is that Google will see the increasing bounce rate and give the site a lower quality score.

In addition to the increase in organic traffic, you can also lower the costs of paid search. Google basically asks you to pay for the gap between the natural ranking of a particular keyword and a number one ranking. The bigger the gap the more you pay per click. This is easy to understand because if Google directs even the paid customer to a site with no relevance Google will be seen as not performing their core task of providing a ranked list of relevant links based on the keyword. Naturally, if Google does place you where they want to be compensated. The ratio between what you pay can vary tremendously even up to a factor of 100. Typical keywords normally have a difference of about 30% between a number 1 and number 10 ranked page in the price per click.

So here are two ways in which SEO-optimizers can really help you to increase your sales and also reduce your costs. Isn’t that what your boss has been asking you to achieve. So what are you waiting for and contact SEO-optimizers today? We can make a specific targetted proposal for your business taking account of your circumstances.


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