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By | November 8, 2019

“Take account of creating good SEO for your site when starting to write content. The text will appear unnatural if you try to do this afterward. Good SEO content writing not only uses the keyword the page is targetting but sometimes also some closely related phrases so that the text looks more natural”

The aim of good SEO content writing is to elevate the ranking of a particular page in the search engine results. SEO content writing is not difficult but needs to conform to certain rules. These rules are well established and easy to understand. Yet despite this when you look around the internet the vast majority of sites have many pages with content which does not comply with these guidelines. The explanation as to why this happens can not only be explained by the fact that the companies concerned do not understand what it takes to do good SEO content writing but also is due to the wish to have easy navigation. Some companies believe that a webpage should be extremely simple in order to have good navigation and conversion. These pages typically have only three or so buttons which directly leads the customer to the primary conversion targets for that page. For conversion, these simple pages undoubtedly work but in addition to that one should also pay attention to SEO content writing.

The text that is created can be placed under the button navigation so that the conversion targets are not influenced. For Google to understand what the page is about and to be reassured that the page has good content the text is needed and must contain the relevant keyword in a certain keyword density. This is what good SEO content writing is all about. Making interesting relevant content compelling the surfer to read it and stay on the site. The keyword density should be around 2% meaning that one in every 50 words is the keyword. Increasing the density much above that will make the text seem unnatural and should be avoided. Google may also interpret this as spam because spam sites typically pump the page full of the keywords they are targeting.

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