Use creative writing to incorporate keywords into content

By | October 26, 2019

“Use all your creative writing techniques when writing content for your site. Readers will appreciate their own style and the use of teasers to tempt them to go to the next page. You want to find out how then read on.”

Creative writing is any writing that goes outside the usual boundaries of a “normal” journalistic form of literature. Usually, it is identified by a form of art where the characters are described thoroughly or the emphasis is on some kind of comparison with literary styles. Because the definition is so loosely described that almost anything is possible to use under this definition. But isn’t that almost always the case with all kinds of creativity? Creative writing, the term says almost everything, is used in a wide spectrum of styles, character developments, and content in different forms. Anyone can use all kinds of material from video, pictures, photos and so on. For SEO it means that you have limitless possibilities to write any content that anyone should need. Both non-fictional and fictional fit into this category, including such forms as poems, short stories, biographies, and novels. In the academic setting, creative writing is divided into two forms: fiction and poetry. There is a strong focus on writing in an original style, as tried in imitating older genres such as horror, fantasy, science fiction or other forms.

Writing for the television or plays, are taught in other ways, but it fits under the creative writing category as well. Having this freedom also brings responsibilities in that you also need to keep in mind what your target audience is looking for. Losing this from sight will mean that you will not keep the reader’s attention and in the online world, that means the reader will move to another site. You will lose the opportunity to achieve the targets you had planned for that page such as a brochure download or to visit the webshop. Creative writing means that you use your imagination and produce out of the ordinary texts which the reader is not expecting. This will make them wonder what is around the corner in the next piece and keep on reading until they find out. Quite often creativity can come from applying one idea in another area where it is not so usual. This is in fact how many inventions are made. For instance knowledge from the paint, industry improved pharmaceutical coatings for controlled delivery.

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