Use SEO link building to improve your SEO ranking

By | November 16, 2019

“SEO link building can give your site authority. So make sure you link to sites that are trustworthy and reliable. One link from a sire with page rank 7 is worth 1000 with page rank 3. Always go for quality above quantity.“

The links to your site are seen as a measure of the popularity of your site. Of course, it is not the only measure and quality, trust and authority are other very important factors. The SEO link building that you do however can be an important factor in the search engines rankings. So what kind of SEO link building should you do? The global popularity of the linking site is an important factor. So you will need the help of link partners in order to achieve this. Trust rank is also an important factor that is used to differentiate between spam sites (which are a large part >50% of the web) and sites with good content. Universities, government organizations have sites normally have high trust. The freshness of the site also plays a role which means you need to keep adding links over time in order to remain fresh. Anchor text is another of the key elements. If many sites are linked to a page with

The right keywords then probably this page will have a high ranking for that keyword. In recent years social media is increasingly playing a role where the number of SEO link building elements also influences the ranking to be it in a different way than with web links. Having a social presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ certainly can make a difference in the ranking. You also should look at the outward links that you have. You can be contaminated by association, meaning that if you link to spam sites the search engines will lower your ranking due to a higher probability that you also are a spam site. It also helps if the links are from a site carrying topic related items. A site about books will receive more credit from an author site than from an electronics site. Auto Blog SEO can help you balance these different SEO link building concepts so that your site truly gets noticed through high page ranking.

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