What is SEO – and how can it improve your profitability

By | October 16, 2019

What is SEO? Simply put it is activities that result in you climbing up the search engine ranking results to increase the traffic to your site and ultimately generate more sales and profit

Understanding what is SEO

Want to know what is SEO. Then you have come to the right place. Many companies believe that Search engine optimization is the process that helps improve the ranking you can achieve in the search engine results. Although this undoubtedly is part of it there is also a business aspect to it. Ranking highly on a keyword that has no volume or leads to a product with low margin for instance or will not lead to a good business proposition. So the question of what is SEO should be answered with a more business-like approach. There are also different kind of algorithms which the search engine uses. as shown below depending on whether it is a news local result etc you are looking for

SEO is the process that optimizes the business return on investment in online as part of the business strategy. It is a simple idea but actually requires a lot of knowledge and experience by professionals who work with the topic on a daily basis. You need tools to end tricks of the trade as the amounts of data and information you need to decide on is huge. Doing this on a gut feel basis seldom leads to good results. The first step in this is to get your house in order by cleaning up the technical aspects of the site. With this I mean the elimination of dead links, proper usage of redirects, informing Google about the site through robots.txt and sitemap.xml. In addition, eliminating the technical mistakes present in the HTML and CSS code. Often this does not disturb the customers but the crawlers that search engines send out to grab the site will not like these and you end up getting a lower ranking. Of course, you need the right site structure showing clearly what are the most important pages through the SEO Power Page structure approach SEO-optimizers use. If you do not know what is SEO Power Pages then contact us. Meta tags page title and the right keywords are also crucial. Also, internal and external and social media links play an important role. The algorithms which are used by the search engine vary not only from search engine to search engine but also vary in time. Below you can see one snapshot of the relevant importance of the top influencing factors affecting the ranking.

All these things taken by themselves sound very easy and anyone spending even a short time will understand the principles. Making a successful site, however, does take some experience as the principles often go overboard when actual implementation happens. Looking at websites out there you can see that nearly all of them have not applied many of the principles I have talked about here. This is the core of what is SEO-optimizers where we can help you in optimizing your site. In the end, it is very easy to measure. Do you achieve a high ranking in the keywords you find most important? You can easily find out. Simply go to Google type in the keyword and see where you are in the organic part of the result. So I hope you are now clear on what is SEO and that you can use this to enhance your site and improve SEO ranking in your company.

Here you can see the results page of a typical search. In the part which has a yellow background, there are the paid search results. These are companies that pay Google for appearing there. You will see that in total 10% of the traffic clicks on these links. 90%, however, click on the organic search results. Within these, there is a rapid decline from the 42% that clicks on the number one ranked link to less than 1% for those ranked on page two and later. This means it is extremely important to get as high up the ranking as possible. Good content and good SEO will get you moving in this direction.

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